‘Visagino country’ festival is alive since 1991. It is one of the biggest Country music festivals in Eastern Europe. Festival takes place in amazing nature near the lake in Visaginas city.

Visaginas Country music festival is represented by a cowboy hat of Lithuanian country singer Virgis Stakėnas. People come to the festival not only to listen to country music but also to revel. In these latter years, Visaginas Country music festival attracted over 20 000 spectators.

The festival involves Lithuanian and foreign Country music performers. There you can listen to different genres of live Country music: Country rock, folk Country, rockabilly, bluegrass and etc. Our festival is well known in foreign countries, it was mentioned in foreign media,  articles, foreign partner publications and internet portals.

Musicians from almost all the countries of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia already visited the festival in the enduring years. Sometimes Visaginas Country Festival is even called Lithuanian Woodstock.


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