Visagino Country 2021 28th international country music festival 2021 August 20-21 Music: Martha Fields (US, France) Danny McMahon (UK) Matthew Steinfeld (US) Virgis Stakėnas (Lithuania) „Jonis“ (Lithuania) „Ukus in Fabula“ (Italy) „Fire Unseen“ (Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania) Sherman Tan (Malaysia) Alabama (Poland) Willie Brian Jones (US, Germany) Dances: „Dakota“ (Lithuania) „Linksmasis kaubojus“ (Lithuania)

  • Visagino Country 2021

    Visagino Country 2021


    We have some good news for you all! The organization team is working on the 28th annual Visagino Country festival which will hopefully happen on August 20-21, 2021. Please come back to check for the latest news here.

  • Appreciation Certificate

    Appreciation Certificate


    JAV ambassador Robert S. Gilchrist presented an appreciation certificate to Elena Čekienė. She found 10 performers in a very short period, been very initiative and cooperated with “Go Vilnius” in organizing the free Country Music Day during the Fourth of July events in Vilnius.

  • Let‘s meet at VISAGINO COUNTRY festival!

    Let‘s meet at VISAGINO COUNTRY festival!


    Traditionally, every year, in the middle of August, in Visaginas – the youngest city of Lithuania, which is located in the wonderful corner of nature, at ashore of the beautiful lake takes part international country music festival “Visagino country”. This year, in 21st–22nd of August Visaginas will become the capital of country music.  “Visagino country” […]

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