Country Sisters 2017 FOTO

Show among the audience, swinging, clogging , rock’n’roll dancing, instrument acrobatic moving  and many other surprises that a live ladies band has never performed before…
A group of talented and beautiful girls had come together many years ago to put up the first girl band in Europe playing exclusively country music.
Of course to this day the composition of the band has changed many times.The band appeared on the European stage for the first time in 1989. Since then they have had almost 2000  appearances in many European countries and also outside Europe. On their tours Country Sisters have visited more than 30 countries. Most frequently they perform in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, exotic countries Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and many others… Some of these countries have been visited several times which evidently acknowledges the success they have had there.
The band has been playing in its latest composition since 2013. All ladies from the band are usually gifted musically and in dancing. In a very colorful program you will find a succession of all country music styles from traditional classical country style to the latest modern hits, cajun, bluegrass and gospel to rock’n’roll. Their wireless transmission for instruments and microphones enables a great freedom of movement and dancing in country style on stage. The ladies use this advantage to the full satisfaction of the audience.  The energy and enthusiasm of each girl literally sucks you in the very first minute you hear them.  Specially built white musical instruments, change of costumes and a close contact with the audience makes a perfect impression possible.  Ladies usually change their
customs several times during their performance according to the theme or mood they want to create..from native  Indian leather style, through tigerish sexy outfit, flashy and glittery red or black colors to even a crazy army camouflaged outfit tipped with a bit of hard rock style really add the excitement!!!  A great contribution to the quality of the show is the fact that at present the band has 5 vocalists and each of them can play at least two different instruments. Their show is simply unique and outstanding.
The Country Sisters have already released 13 CDs and 4 DVDs The last one, entitled “COUNTRY SISTERS – AMAZING”, was recorded in 2014 and is now on the market in all countries where the Country Sisters perform.
Sonia, Maggie, Andrea, Pattie and Michaela and collectively bearing the surname of the Country Sisters, meet all the requirements of good country music and a good show.
Everybody’s welcome to our brand new SHOW with the COUNTRY SISTERS.
Come on and you will hear and see something that you have never seen before and will never forget!


Kevin Buckley ir The Yee-Haw Band









Kevin Buckley is a musician that developed a brand new sound: country music tradition mixed with the modernity of Brad Paisley, driven by the energy of rock and decorated with country/americana melodies.

He is accompanied by musical virtuosos Yee-Haw Band: Eric Michel à la Telecaster; Pascal Lasnier bass and Jean-Mickaël Tallet. These musicians often plays for famous USA artists touring in Europe (Charlie McCoy, Jamie Richards, Carlton Moody, Moot Davis, Mark Powell, WC Edgar, Pauline Reese, John Arthur Martinez, Big John Mills and many more).

Kevin Buckley will throw a real American show that you will never forget! You can’t miss these exceptional moments!



Eveux - April May-14072 copie










April May grew up in Hebron, Kentucky. She was just 4 years old when her parents signed her up for the local church choir; there, her passion for all things musical was born. April began plunking out notes by ear on the family piano, and a few years later started formal piano, voice and guitar lessons. She continued to sing in choirs, eventually participating in prestigious choral competitions.  April finished her first song at the age of 13, which led to talent competitions and professional gigs in local music venues throughout high school.

At the age of 18, she was accepted into the prestigious music program at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. There, in the heart of the country and folk music scene, she began honing her skills as a songwriter, playing around Nashville in writer’s rounds and co-writing with other artists.

In 2009, April began touring the US in a folk music group; they performed together until 2012, when April relocated to Paris. As she had fallen in love with a Frenchman, she decided to split her time between the USA and Europe, where she has been performing with some of the finest musicians in the country music scene since 2016.  Her EP of original songs will be released in the spring of 2017.

April May is a sweet-natured, funny, kind and authentic; she communicates this through her songs and stories. She is a true artist in every sense of the word, and her music speaks profoundly to people of all ages and backgrounds.


WINDSHIELD (Georgia/Italy)

Windshield FOTO










When someone says there’s a country music band from Georgia most people might think of the State of US but the band Windshield comes from the country of Georgia which geographically is nowhere near the United States. And even though English is not their native tongue they still speak the universal language of country music. They started in 2015. Anri Gogitauri with his musical background based on Grunge, Blues and southern rock and Shota Adamashvili with his pure country music roots decided to start writing songs together as an acoustic duo for starters and after finishing their first EP called Rambling State Of Mind they started working with two new members Irakli Zibzibadze on bass and Zaza Tsertsvadze on drums.

In February 2017 Windshield released the first single Try Me together with a fellow musician Miken and they won two nominations on Caucasus Music Awards Phoenix which was Aritist/Band Of The Year and Song Of The Year. In June 2017 the band is going to play at the Tbilisi Open Air festival. In August 2017 an Italian fiddle player and a distant but a very loyal member of the band Paolo Cavalaglio is joining his Georgian buddies specifically for Visagino Country festival. So Windshield is going to Visaginas as the only band that’s representing two different countries at the same time.



Ala Boncol i Koalicja_FOTO









Alicja Boncol – finger – lickin. Like a delightful meal in the country’s finest restaurant, such is the taste of Alicja Boncol’s musical menu. Poland’s best female country singer specializes in serving sweet ballads, hot rhythms and spicy melodies topped with finger – licking image and satiating energetic live shows. Alicja is Poland’s most successful female performer, having been awarded multiple genre’s awards like Artist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year (this year for the 15th time!) or Song of the Year (“Angel’s face”), to name but a few. Since her debut Alicja Boncol has been representing Poland during multiple country music festivals in Europe, combining her untamed vitality with an inborn feeling of what country music is all about. Her spécialité de la maison are contemporary country music songs stuffed with sharp lyrics, served with Alicja’s characteristic and unforgettable, mouth – watering voice. Fancy a delicious meal to satisfy your sophisticated tastes? Treat yourself to AlicjaBoncol’s live performance and help yourself to the best of  Polish country music cuisine! 

There are Stars you wanna spread rumors about and there are the Artist you’d rather t a l k about. There are the chicks discovered and promoted due to their aesthetics and there are women whose only sufficient tools of trade are voice and personality.

Brilliant Star, an object of rumors and sensation and, at the same time, a true Artist, respected by music-biz professionals.

Intriguing beauty, on stage she’s a sheer incarnation of hurricane and dynamite; hyper-feminine, she provokes animal instincts among her male fans, yet she’s incredibly direct, warm, friendly and blessed with a wild sense of humor, a combination of Dolly Parton, Shania Twain and Tina Turner put together. Which does not mean Alicja Boncol imitates anybody!

Sure, her ‘school’ were the recordings of the great American Country singers to whom she owes her status of Poland’s most s t y l i s h performer of the genre. But she remains h e r s e l f after all. Every song she sings, be it an original stuff or a standard famed by earlier renditions, she colors with her own charisma, energy and feeling.

And there’s her VOICE: crystal-clear, resonant, strong, spacy, pitch-perfect and of a vast range; road-tested in a wide spectrum of styles, from country classics, to sensual ballads to a rapacious, rocking ‘rough edge’.

Sometimes they say of such person that she’s got ‘that thing’. In Alicja’s case however, it would be a serious understatement. Because she’s got e v e r y t h i n g. It’s almost unjust.



Linita Medina1


Linita Mediņa (mostly known as simply LINITA) is a leading Latvian country music singer and songwriter. She has been performing and composing songs since the age of 15. Undoubtedly, Linita can be considered as the most recognized female country singers in Latvia because of a unique vocals and performing technique.

Artist took part in several international country music festivals, for example Country Music Messe in Berlin (Germany) along with annual Country Music Festival in Bauska (Latvia), where international jury has nominated her as the most perspective country music singer. Linita has performed cover version for several well-known world hits and had a successful cooperation with almost every Latvian country music representative in various projects.

Two solo albums have been recorded – “Rīts kā brīnums” (Morning like a Miracle), which was relased in 2008 and “Par Tevi un mani” (About You and Me), released in 2011. Her second album was notable for the “Best of the Year” musical prize nomination. Moreover, it is needful to mention a successful participation in Eurovision Song Contest – Linita’s composition “My Vow to You” was included in a final selection. Linita actively takes place in various musical polls, TV-shows and is a popular Latvian radio artist.

Linita Mediņa is currently working as a solo artist in cooperation with other professional musicians. Repertoire includes both cover version for popular country music songs and original compositions. Adaptive concert programs offer a rich musical material not only for classic country lovers but also for pop-rock country fans. Her favorite country music artists are Miranda Lambert, Joni Harms, Patsy Cline and Kacey Musgraves, whose most remarkable songs are included in Linita’s concert program.


DOS PAISES (Ukraine)

FOTO Dos Paises

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .                                                                                                                                                              .

“DOS PAISES” is Spanish and means: 2 countries.
Why: Because the two musicians of this duo come from two different countries, which can hardly
be more different.
Both now live in the Ukraine and have set themselves the task to make American country music
more popular in Ukraine, which was so far unknown in this country. This starts now, to get more
and more successful.
Four years ago, Joerg (62 years old) moved to Ukraine for family reasons, and Igor (25 years) have
always lived in the Ukraine, are 2 enthusiastic country musicians, of the first real Ukrainian country
band: “Ternopil Rednex”.
The band has existed successfully for 2 years and is now well-known nationwide.
Appearances on TV and major events, among others. Concerts for the American Embassy, have
contributed very much to the success.
For performances in Europe these two musicians, have decoupled as a country duo.
The 5-people band, had always major problems with the visa procurement for concerts in the
European countries.
In addition, three musicians of the band, still play in other groups or have obligations as a soloist,
which often also makes scheduling very difficult.
In addition to their own compositions, they have a large repertoire of cover versions of popular and
well-known country songs.
They place great value on handmade, honest and authentic
Country music. Apart from acoustic guitars, harmonica and
Joerg’s baritone voice, they largely dispense with technical tools.
No backing tracks, no playback but pure and handmade.
2 musicians, from 2 different cultural circles, from 2 different generations, on a stage. Country
connects across borders and generations!



V.Stakenas ir LT Country klubai

VIRGIS STAKĖNAS: 2x country karaoke

„Pelėsiais ir kerpe apaugus aukštai…“, „Ten mane ramina, gydo, gelbsti…“, „Kelias bėga greit…“. „Jurgis, Antanas, Aloyzas ir Martynas…“, „Ateis rudenėlis ir tos šaltos dienos…“, „Stovėjo avis pievoj…“, „Aš girią savo lopšiu vadinu…“, „Nors nėr tavęs čionai…“, „Tyliai leidžias pavargusi saulė…“ – words to the most famous and well known songs – callouts… The songs were sung many times, for many years, in many countries and many festivals and they will be repeated by the Lithuanian country father Virgis Stakėnas. Not in any random place, but at the festival that is called his “godson”.. This time a little differently – with a choir! No, no, not a proffesional one – a choir of a thousand festivalgoers! And for it to be even more special he invited a number of Lithuanian country clubs. Companions who have that have been with him in numerous concerts, recorded many songs, have spent countless sleepless nights at ‘2ysa’ and ‘Žiem‘Coun3’ gatherings and visited all the TV stations.. So this year Virgis will by accompanied by a country fan orchestra.. And because their voices ar already prepared by numerous gatherings and concerts and their repertoire very well known to all – get ready. We will sing our hearts out, from the depths of the most democratic music – country music! Woohoo!

Facts: 45 years playing the guitar, 30 years wearing a wide brimmed hat (not only for special occasions – EVERY DAY), 19 music albums recorded, hundreds of festivals played, thousands of concerts, author of 341 song lyrics and music, the great mind behind 4 successfull festivals.

Record: Although he never chased after records, but he can be a very good candidate for winners. Out of 24 festival concerts he graced the stage 23 times!


JONIS (Lithuania)

Jonis 2017-Visaginui













The band „Jonis“ made it‘s first steps in 1984. Their repertoire includes original songs and instumental compositions, Lithuanian folk song arrangements and other artists creations performed in bluegrass style with a unique sound of the band. In their active years the band has released 22 audio and 2 video albums, they participate in numerous folk and country music festivals worldwide and in Lithuania. They have performed in the US, Germany, Finland, Poland, Ireland, England and neigbouring countries. In 1994 the band initiated an opening of a music club „Juonė pastuogė“ in Šiauliai, where live music is performed several nights a week. The band will perform their best songs and well known country song covers with other well known Lithuanian artists – A. Klova (fiddle), E. Daujotas (electric guitar).

You can learn more about the band on


Pranciškus Trijonis (manager) – acoustic guitar, kazoo, vocals;

Romaldas Trijonis – still guitar, madolin, vocals;

Edmundas Grubliauskis – harmonica, accordion, vocals;

Arvydas Žiauberis – contrabass, vocals;

Artūras Mankus – drums, percussion;

Algirdas Klova – fiddle, vocals;

Evaldas Daujotas – electric guitar, vocals.



Country live project foto











The „Country Live Project“ repertoire is inspired by the greatest American Grammy nominated artists. The audiience will recognize the famous country pop rock hits, that were made famous by artists like Keith Urban, John Mayer, Nickelback, Shania Twain, Lady Antebellum, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus etc.

The main vocalist is a well known singer for live music lovers  – Augustė Vedrickaitė. One of the best Lithuanian guitarists – Robertas Semeniukas – is the author of the arrangements.

Extraordinary scenic images, powerful voices, energetic talented musicians and the most amazing melodies will make the audience feel as if they are in the country capital of America – Nashville.


Augustė Vedrickaitė – vocals;

Robertas Semeniukas – vocals, guitar;

Tadas Dešukas – fiddle, mandolin, backup vocals;

Viltė Ambrazaitytė – keyboard, backup vocals;

Paulius Jaskūnas – bass guitar;

Jonas Lengvinas – drums.





ALVITA (Lithuania)














Alvita has been engaged in music for 21 year: she started singing at the age of 3 and at the age of 5 became interested in playing violin. This year she graduated from Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy with a Master degree in Music performance. She studied classical violin there, but can’t imagine her life without country music.

Singer has already performed at “Visagino Country” a number of times alone and with various projects. She also appeared in various television projects, but can be mostly aknowlenged as participant of “The Voice of Lithuania” where she reached Top 8 in 2015.


SEPA & ASORTI (Lithuania)











Sepa & Asorti is a family band witch played original music in more than 30 countries including China , Belgium , Sweden , Finland , Iceland , Spain and many more.

Had a tour in Japan in 2007. From 2008-2011 toured in Poland , Germany , France , Slovakia , Italy. In 2012 Edgar Pishchikas (Sepa) played as a guitar/fiddle player for James Lann (best vocal in Texas award winner) during a tour in Europe.

In 2015 band composed a song “Teo kaj Amo” witch was taken as a himn for short film festival in China. Had concerts in Israel in 2017.

Band consists of  Edgar Pishchikas (Sepa) – Vocals,  Guitar , Fiddle , Jelena Pishchikiene – Keyboards , Edvardas Pishchikas – Bass , Stepan Volcanov – Drums and Nikolaj Martynov – Harp.


DAKOTA (Lithuania)

Dakotos foto











DAKOTA is a country and linedance, Latin American and modern dance club for youth and adults from Šilutė. The dancers are laureats of multiple national and international dace contests. The club DAKOTA has been teaching dancers for 15 years directed by Reminta Stoškuvienė. DAKOTA regularly performs in reginal natonal and international contests and dance festivals. They have visited Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Estonia and other countries with their performances. Dancing is healthy and fun, dancing is fashionable! Dance provides new opportunities to meet friends, find new adventures and find your talents…


RŪTA (Lithuania)



Dance theater “Rūta” from the Visaginas Third Age University (choreographer Nijolė Kliučinskienė) has been around for 5 years. The theater has 21 members of different professions who love dancing and have fulfilled their youths dream of dancing. They dance folk dances of different countries, perform to romantic and classical music. “Rūta” participates in all city celebrations and represents Visaginas in different Lithuanian cities.






ALVITA & NEW DAY (Lithuania/Latvia)









FIRA (Ukraine)

FIRA foto


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whiskey river


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Kevin Buckley ir The Yee-Haw Band


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Julian 511


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NightHawk foto









4 FUN (Lithuania)



BAYLOU (Australia)

Baylou Australija




DAKOTA (Lithuania)


James Lann ir ASORTI (USA/ Lithuania)

James Lann JAV

NEW DAY (Latvia)

NEW DAY foto



Texas Martha ir The House of Twang JAV








  • FOTO Little-Country-Gentlemen


Edvin Bauers (Latvia)

  • Edwin & The Rhythm Express



PeTe Band (Denmark)

  • Pete Band
  • Pete Band 2
  • Pete Band 3

Ray Scott (USA)

  • RayScott-4 pages spine 6mm 1CD-FNL

Modern Earl (USA)

  • Modern Earl
  • Modern Earl 2

Liane Edwards (USA)

  • Liane Edwards 2
  • Liane Edwards


  • UKUS in FABULA foto Orchestrina (1)

Virgis Stakėnas (Lithuania)

  • V.STAKENAS-foto V.Dambrauskas step

„Asorti” (Lithuania)

  • Sepa ir Asorti Foto 2

Vydraga+ (Lithuania)

  • VYDRAGA Foto 1



„Leo ir Undaroks“ (Lithuania)

  • LEO ir UNDAROKS foto

„Alvita & K“ (Lithuania)

  • Alvita foto 1